The Dirty Souls
Smokehouse Inspired by Bar-be-que styles from Texas & the deep south's Mississippi Delta with creole & cajun flare Cocktails/craft beer/low ABV bev's

About Us

Smokehouse Barbecue & Cocktail Bar

The Dirty Souls is a Smokehouse Bar-be-que & Cocktail joint inspired by the food, drink, music and culture of The Mississippi Delta music trail, The Lonestar state, Texas & the Bayou's of Louisiana or also 'The Deep South' We've also thrown in some Creole & Cajun flare with a helping of our Po'boy's Serving up craft cocktails with the classics & some new creations We source local Irish produce with an ethos of farm to fork and use of local suppliers and farmers. We have adapted a sustainability approach in both our kitchen and bar. our staff are here to help you through the feast that approaches with us and Y'all at The Dirty Souls

What we do.......

We smoke and bar-be-que meats based on american Bbq techniques from the various states

It Is All About You!

We have created both our food and drinks Menu based on the dishes, the history, the ingredients, the cooking/meat smoking techniques & stories from over Texas & the Deep South. We hope to take a little bit of there and bring it over here to Y'all in the North West Ireland

Price List

Low n Slow Fried Chicken


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